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Youth Livelihoods


Pilot and roll out a social and financial education program to disadvantaged youth in developing countries

Why We Partnered

After five successful years of scaling its curriculum for children, Aflatoun identified a demand for a program tailored for youth. As a result, Aflatoun developed Aflateen, a Social and Financial Education program for youth 15 to 18 years of age. Aflateen helps young people develop financial knowledge and skills by incorporating “learning by doing” activities including savings clubs, enterprise creation, and community projects.

Over the next five years, Aflateen will be piloted and ultimately scaled in 50 developing countries across the world. Aflatoun will provide its partners with training and technical assistance.  Aflatoun will further evaluate implementation for quality and impact, and facilitate innovation through learning exchanges. An online platform will enable partners, trainers and youth to network with each other, and access e-learning materials and games for additional interactive learning.


$3.8 million


Five years