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Caribou Digital

Financial Inclusion


Caribou Digital supports the creation of inclusive digital economies in emerging markets – providing access to tools, training and building human capacity to support digital entrepreneurs, and making sure people are able to work their way up the value chain to improve their livelihoods

Why We Partnered:

The project advances the Foundation’s Next-Generation Financial Services strategy. The next generation of digital financial services promises to be easy to use, more tailored to user needs, more varied in terms of services and more integrated into people’s lives. There is a need to better understand the role of digital financial services in promoting financial inclusion and household well-being in order to scale digital financial services to the poor. Caribou Digital has extensive knowledge of and experience in the mobile and digital fintech industry, both at the research and program management levels. Its founding team built and managed related research and learning functions at the GSMA and the Gates Foundation. It is a well-respected and frequently consulted voice on new product models and services in emerging digital economies. It has also a strong industry network. It has led highly strategic engagements on digital and financial inclusion strategies for the World Bank, United Nations Foundation, UK Space Agency, Gates Foundation and Cisco.