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Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP): E-Learning

Financial Inclusion


$9.9 million over five years to develop and deliver an e-learning platform to train 50,000 financial inclusion professionals

Why We Partnered

This program will develop an e-learning platform that incorporates best-in-class technology to ensure an engaging experience for learners and trainers. CGAP will first undertake market research to identify training needs of financial inclusion professionals and then partner with relevant training providers to source content. The content will be further adapted for the platform and technical assistance will be provided to trainers on how to teach it in an online environment.

This platform will offer a comprehensive professional development experience. Participants will be provided with tools and advice to develop a personalized learning plan that will be linked to the financial service providers’ business plan and employees’ performance objectives, where possible. CGAP will also keep the platform content relevant and current by sharing learnings and bringing together trainers and content providers at annual events to share best practices and innovations in this field.


$9.9 million


Four years


Sub-Saharan Africa