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Financial Inclusion Program

The Financial Inclusion Program expands access to financial services for people living in poverty, particularly those in rural and remote areas.

We work with financial service providers to strengthen their capacity, promote innovation, test business models, train staff and improve governance. We assist these institutions to become and remain better able to reach those who need financial services.

We also share best practices across the financial and mobile telecommunications industries and conduct research that helps to inform a positive regulatory environment.

We disseminate the findings of our work widely. One of our signature knowledge sharing activities is The MasterCard Foundation Symposium on Financial Inclusion. Each year we bring together global leaders in the field to hear about emerging best practices, to advocate for client-centric practices and share lessons learned. Find out more about the Symposium.

 Our Financial Inclusion Strategy  

  • Builds the capacity of clients, especially of smallholder farmers and rural poor people, to use financial and related services.
  • Deepens the industry’s ability to serve those people who are too poor or remote to receive financial services by providing insights into client needs and cost saving delivery channels.
  • Support innovation around mobile money services, savings groups, rural and agriculture finance and promote data acquisition and use to drive financial inclusion strategies.
  • Build and leverage partnerships across the financial inclusion sector to ensure client needs are met responsibly.