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Youth Livelihoods


Improve the technical and business skills of economically disadvantaged young people in Northern Uganda, including those working in agriculture.

Why We Partnered

The MasterCard Foundation has partnered with GOAL to provide 125,000 economically disadvantaged youth with technical skills and agricultural training. The partnership will provide relevant training and expand access to appropriate financial services for young people within the agricultural sector. Young people will have access to mentorship, digital technology and ongoing training to help build their technical skills. Access to agricultural and market information will be shared using mobile tools. Young farmers will be connected to high-quality, affordable inputs (e.g., seeds, fertilizers), local markets and financial service providers in order to increase their productivity and income. GOAL’s expertise will ensure that public and private sector actors in Uganda are able to provide critical skills to young women and men living in poverty, enabling them to improve their productivity, secure employment and start small agriculture-related businesses.

GOAL has formed a strong group of partners for this project, including Mercy Corps, VSO, Restless Development and Centenary Bank. Each organization brings unique expertise and a strong record of effective projects in Uganda. This consortium will work with both the public and private sectors, which ensures alignment with relevant government policies, industry standards and market demand.


$21.3 million


Five years