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Kenya Commercial Bank

Financial Inclusion


Improve productivity and market linkages, and expand financial inclusion for smallholder farmers and pastoralists

Why We Partnered:

KCB is the oldest and largest commercial bank in East Africa with presence in six countries. In Kenya and Rwanda, KCB is one of only a few banks actively lending to agriculture clients and capable of offering services such as savings, loans and insurance.

This project will reach two million clients in the dairy, livestock and food sub-sectors (e.g., maize, legumes, vegetables, etc.) in Kenya and Rwanda. The project is one of the first comprehensive mobile solutions for agriculture, with high potential to efficiently serve smallholder farmers and pastoralists who face high levels of financial exclusion. It also demonstrates how to serve highly underserved segments at scale with a range of financial and non-financial services. It leverages KCB’s local public and private partnerships to provide training to small holder farmers on a sustainable basis. The project will help the MasterCard Foundation determine which products and services are valued by clients. KCB will share information on client adoption and use of digital financial services, as well as the business case for mobile-based agricultural finance for a commercial bank.