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Youth Livelihoods


Provide economically disadvantaged youth with technical skills and access to financial services to launch agricultural enterprises in northern Uganda.

The MasterCard Foundation has partnered with NCBA CLUSA provide economically disadvantaged youth with critical life-skills training, provide entrepreneurship and technical skills training and increase access to financial services. The partnership will also mobilize young people to form new or strengthen existing Youth Associations, which provide mentoring and skills training in the agriculture sector, helping youth to develop income-generating activities and improve their livelihoods over the long term. NCBA CLUSA will be the lead partner of the initiative and will work with five other partners with expertise in life-skills and entrepreneurship/technical skills training, as well as youth financial services. This project leverages NCBA CLUSA’s successful Uganda Conservation Farming Initiative in Northern Uganda. Conservation farming preserves soil and water and improves the fertility of the land for agricultural activity. In the past four years, this project has trained more than 54,000 farmers, resulting in a 46 percent increase in average yields and a 100 percent increase for farmers who adopted conservation farming techniques.


11.4 million


Five years