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Oxford Policy Management (OPM)

Financial Inclusion

Expand financial services to the rural poor in Africa

Expand financial services to the rural poor in Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia


The MasterCard Foundation and Oxford Policy Management (OPM) have partnered to expand the range of financial services available for underserved populations in Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia.

Oxford Policy Management will collaborate with local financial service providers to develop and implement innovative solutions to improve the sustainable delivery of financial services. This project builds on current work the Foundation is doing on the role of informal savings groups in financial inclusion.

Today, over nine million people who are excluded from formal financial channels benefit from the valuable financial services offered by savings groups. This project will help to shape an innovative FSP-led approach to work with community-based savings groups that could be transformational. Savings at the Frontier will contribute to the body of knowledge around the ways the private sector can work effectively with informal savings groups. Financial service providers in the three countries, as well as the global financial inclusion community, will learn about innovative, effective and scalable approaches to financial services.


$17.6 million


Five and a half years


Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia