PODCASTFebruary 3 2017

Podcast: “Go Far, Go Together”

Podcast: Go Far, Go Together

Podcast: Go Far, Go Together

Welcome to Go Far, GoTogether; the podcast from The MasterCard Foundation highlighting the issues we are trying to solve and the partners with whom we work.

Go Far, Go Together provides listeners with the perspectives of people advancing global development theory and practice… authors, business leaders, development professionals, entrepreneurs, students, staff of the Foundation and our partners, all of whom are active in education and learning, financial inclusion, and youth livelihoods.

Our primary focus is Africa, but we explore best practices – and smart responses – to development challenges, wherever they may be found.

Go Far, Go Together is hosted by Roger Morier.

Episode #1

Digital Finance: What M-Pesa can teach the rest of the world

Chris Locke, Caribou Digital

Chris Locke, Founder of Caribou Digital, surveys digital financial inclusion in Africa. He looks back to the advent of M-PESA and what the revolution in digital financing that it has spawned. He also speculates about an Africa without cash.



Young Africa Works: Youth are leading an agricultural revolution

Meredith Lee, MasterCard Foundation

Meredith Lee, Deputy Director of Youth Livelihoods at The MasterCard Foundation, looks ahead to the Young Africa Works 2017 summit.





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