Tufts University, The Talloires Network

Youth Learning

Improve the transition to employment for upper-year university students and recent alumni in developing countries

$5.9 million
Five years
Start date:
July 2012

Why We Partnered

Housed within Tufts University, the Talloires Network is an association of university presidents, vice-chancellors and rectors representing 230 leading universities in 62 countries and six million students. The mission of Talloires Network is to strengthen the civic roles and social responsibilities of higher education institutions. The Network promotes and shares the most promising practices from its members and others across universities world-wide.

In many developing countries, university graduates face long periods of unemployment. World Bank data shows that persistent unemployment greatly diminishes future employment and earning prospects. Universities play a critical role in preparing students for the workforce. There is an urgent need for models that promote the successful transition of students and recent alumni to jobs in their chosen field.

The partnership between The MasterCard Foundation and The Talloires Network will develop and test innovative university-led models to enable upper-year students and recent alumni to accelerate their transition into the work force. This project capitalizes on the network’s global reach to identify innovative projects and to disseminate learnings across the higher education sector.  

Anticipated Impact

  • Create employment opportunities for 6,000 young people.
  • Develop new models to influence the higher education sector. 

Where We Are Now

  • Following a competitive process, Talloires has selected eight demonstration grant partners. They include Universities from Burkina Faso, South Africa, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Malaysia, Mexico and Chile.
  • The University of Minnesota has also been selected as the Learning Partner.
  • All of the institutions, as well as the learning partner, convened in South Africa in December 2013 for a launch event. The event included project presentations, learning approaches and the development of the community of practice.