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SEEP Network

Financial Inclusion


Enable financial service providers in Rwanda to embed important client protection principles and follow industry codes of conduct

Why We Partnered:

SEEP is a network of 128 practitioner organizations working to advance financial inclusion. The project will ensure client protection measure are in place and clients have access to the information they need to make informed decisions. SEEP will focus on Rwanda as the government has prioritized financial inclusion. The Association of Microfinance Institutions in Rwarnda (AMIR) will receive technical training that will allow them to promote client protection principles and education at the national level and to engage with relevant government agencies to build responsible financial markets. In doing so, SEEP will scale up the application of client protection practices by financial service providers and encourage credit information sharing within the microfinance sector. The project will increase 2,000,000 clients’ awareness of their rights and obligations and deepen their levels of financial inclusion.