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Youth Livelihoods


Provide relevant technical, financial and business development skills to enable economically disadvantaged young people to build viable careers in the cocoa sector in Ghana.

The MasterCard Foundation has partnered with Solidaridad to provide field-based training and create business development centres to prepare economically disadvantaged young people to work in the cocoa industry in Ghana. The partnership will work to create an enabling environment that makes it easier for youth to participate and contribute to a profitable cocoa sector. A Cocoa Youth Network will be established to link graduates of the training to employment opportunities and to encourage knowledge sharing and mentorship. In addition, this project will disseminate knowledge and new sources of quality cocoa products to local and global markets.

Established in 1969, Solidaridad’s mission is to create prosperity across the agricultural, mining and textile supply chains. Currently, Solidaridad provides training to one million farmers globally. Its training has resulted in 20-30 percent yield increase, as well as 28 percent income growth. Solidaridad has formed a strong consortium of partners, including Ashesi University, Aflatoun, Opportunity International Savings and Loans, Fidelity Bank and the Ghana Cocoa Board. Each organization brings unique expertise and experiences in Ghana.


15 million


Five years