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The American University of Beirut (AUB) and EARTH University

Education & Learning


Design a global master’s program for health and sustainable development

Why We Partnered

This project will create a new replicable model for multi-disciplinary training in health and sustainable development to meet the needs of disadvantaged communities. The global Master’s Program will be offered by American University Beirut and EARTH, and over time will include three to five collaborating universities from other regions.  The curriculum and program will be developed based on a literature review and in consultation with global thought leaders and young people. Training will be tied to specific employment opportunities and market demand.  The program will include experiential training across developing world regions, with joint accreditation mechanisms to be determined in the planning stage. The business plan will analyze the job market and funding opportunities to ensure access to a proportion of promising yet economically disadvantaged young people, including those from Africa.


$1 million


Two years