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Jamie FarshchiMarch 26 2014

Reeta Roy at at Clinton Global Initiative University

Reeta Roy at Clinton Global Initiative

On Saturday March 22, Reeta Roy joined U.S. Senator and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a panel discussion at CGI U 2014 at Arizona State University.

The Clinton Global Initiative University session, with opening remarks from Senator Clinton, brought together entrepreneurs, innovators, and educators to discuss “The Future of Higher Education: Redefining Learning as We Know It.”

Reeta Roy discussed what the Foundation has learned since launching The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program with author and activist, Nikhil Goyal, Duplin County Schools Superintendent, Austin Obasohan and Barefoot College Director, Bunker Roy. The session focused on the need for education systems to help young people develop the life skills necessary to find employment.

Reeta Roy told attendees, “Your commitment is your life’s mission. We are all on a leadership journey. Education is one part of it, but we are all life-long learners.”

Nikhil Goyal said we need to be committed to life-long learning. “When children have freedom over their learning you get truly passionate and creative people,” he said.


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