What We Are Learning

Youth Financial Inclusion

Financial Services for Young People: Prospects and Challenges (2015) | Download


Landscape Review Mobiles for Youth Workforce Development Landscape Review: Mobiles for Youth Workforce Development (2013) | Download


Testing the Waters: YouthSave Pilot Results from Three Markets (2013) | Download


Client Protection for Youth Clients (2013) | Download


What Do Youth Savers Want? Results From Market Research in Four Countries (2012) | Download

Policy Opportunities and Constraints to Access Youth Financial Services (2012) | Download

Listening to Youth: Findings and Recommendations from Nine Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa on Market Research to Design Financial and Non-Financial Services for Youth (2011) | Download
YouthInvest: A case study of savings behaviour as an indicator of change through experiential learning (2010) | DownloadSavings accounts for young people in developing countries: Trends in practice (2010) | DownloadEmerging guidelines for linking youth to financial services (2010) | Download

Youth Savings in Developing Countries: Trends in Practice, Gaps in Knowledge (A Report of the YouthSave Consortium) (2010) | DownloadSave the Children – A first step to understanding what types of products, programs and policies might best achieve goals related to both youth development and financial inclusion.
State of the Field in Youth Enterprise, Employment, and Livelihoods Development (2010) | DownloadMaking Cents – Lessons learned, promising practices and innovative ideas for increasing and improving economic opportunities for youth.