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INFOGRAPHICFebruary 9 2017

Youth Leading Agricultural Transformation in Africa

Infographic: Young Africa Works Summit 2017

Africa is the world’s most youthful continent. Each year, over 11 million young Africans are entering the job market—but not the workforce. Today, the continent is facing a double employment crisis: both a lack of jobs for youth, and an increasing number of young people in need of work.

Agriculture, the largest sector of employment in Africa, promises opportunities for job growth and economic prosperity. But transforming in into a modern, sustainable and profitable sector will require overcoming constraints that stifle competitiveness and growth.

Youth are at the forefront of championing the innovative technological, gender-aware, and climate-smart approaches that will help grow and modernize agriculture. This further demonstrates how engaged and committed youth are to bringing about change.


YAW2017 infographic 1: Youth driving agricultural transformation







YAW2017 infographic 2: Digitally savvy youth are primed to integrate technology


YAW2017 infographic 3: Most agricultural production comes from rural women


YAW2017 Infographic 4: Youth are best to understand climate-smart technlogies

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