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Youth Livelihoods Program

The Youth Livelihoods Program provides skills training for economically disadvantaged young people so they can find employment. This skills training focuses on developing foundational skills such as literacy and numeracy, technical skills, as well as soft skills such as critical thinking, communications and teamwork.

The program also provides financial services, such as savings, and financial literacy education to build young people’s financial capability.

Our Youth Livelihoods Strategy

  • Prioritize the agriculture and construction sectors which are growing and can absorb large numbers of entry-level employees.
  • Conduct market assessments to identify employment or self-employment opportunities.
  • Provide young people with a holistic package of relevant technical and transferable skills, opportunities for apprenticeships, mentoring and connections to employers, as well as access to financial services.
  • Engage young people in the design and implementation of these programs wherever possible.